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Question 4

Got oily skin? Watch this video to learn a little about oily skin and what can be done to minimize oil production.

Question 3

In this video we educate our followers on hyperpigmentation and what services may help to lighten and brighten.

Question 2

The question in this video is “can I make a moisturizing mask with kitchen products?” We explain that science and a skincare professional is recommended instead and here is why.

Ask Your Ellesthetician Question 1

This video is the first of a segment called “Ask Your Ellesthetician.”  “Ask Your Ellesthetician” is a segment where we answer questions asked by our lovely followers. In this video we discuss the cause of dry skin and what services we provide to help combat it.

Please Welcome Our Ellesthetician

We would like to introduce to our Elle followers our beautiful Ellesthetician Laura Irvin (Licensed Esthetician) who will be bringing a variety of relaxing facials to also include light chemical peel, microdermabrasion and our Celluma LED light treatment. She will be starting up in December of 2018. Our immediate family continues to grow❤️